Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush with Gum Massage and Sonic Blue Technology

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  • BEST WHITENING RESULTS – Go Smile’s clinically proven and unique whitening system is taking the world by storm. With the easiest techniques and best results, it’s never been easier to obtain the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Now, with Go Smile’s patented BLU, getting the best results with brushing and whitening is conveniently packaged in one device.
  • WHITENS, BRUSHES AND MASSAGES – A triad of dental care is housed in one elegant device to bring you the best results in all major areas of dental care. Whitening, brushing and massaging your gums is now incorporated in a streamlined system that takes only minutes a day. Set the mouthpiece in place and run the 2-minute timer; let Go Smile do the work for you.
  • WHITER TEETH, FASTER – Unparalleled efficacy in teeth whitening provides the best results possible in a short period of time. Within 1 day of using Go Smile’s new BLU system, you’ll begin to see results. After just a few days, you’ll begin to see that elegant smile emerge that you’ve always dreamed about.
  • BUILT-IN TIMER – With a convenient timer that alerts you when brushing is done, you’ll always be sure to fulfill the American Dental Association’s recommendation for optimal dental health. Set the mouthpiece to 2 minutes for cleaning & whitening or 5 minutes for enhanced whitening.
  • Includes: Bristle mouthpiece, soft mouthpiece, BLU sonic motor, whitening toothpaste, charging base, wall charger and cord.


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