Active Wow Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit – With LED Accelerator

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  • Activated charcoal and sodium bicarbonate is the best thing since sliced toast 🍞 and avocado 🥑. Sodium bicarbonate breaks down the proteins that cause stains, while activated coconut 🥥 charcoal draws these stains out. This leaves your teeth whiter 😬 without the sensitivity associated with standard kits and strips.
  • Our LED-powered 💡 whitening system makes the process fast 💨 AF, eliminating the stains caused by coffee ☕, wine 🍷, and other foods 🍭 you can’t live without. Your friends will think you got a haircut 🤷‍♀️, but it’s really your whiter smile.
  • The complete package 🎁, just like you, except with 3 activated charcoal whitening gel syringes, 1 LED 💡 whitening light to accelerate whitening, 3 thermo-molded trays for a custom fit, 3 precision application tips, and a tray case for easy storage.
  • There are three simple steps ✔️ to achieving a pearly-white smile without sensitivity (4 if you count adding this product to your cart). Mold the trays to your mouth, apply the natural whitening gel and chill ❄️. Do it as often as needed; some people see the results they want in just one use.
  • You’re looking 👁️ for more, aren’t you? So are we 👁️. We’re looking for better alternatives, better ingredients 🌱, and to create better experiences. We believe in sharing what makes us smile, and that means products that don’t just follow a trend. Beneath the surface is something better. Don’t just “like” the things you love ❤️, or swipe past the things worth sharing. Live life with no filter 📷 and share your smile with the world.


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